If you, or anybody you know is into cars, then the Charlotte Auto Fair is the place to go.  The Charlotte Auto Fair will satisfy any gear head’s need for cool cars and accessories.  And this year’s event promises to be even larger than last year’s.  From muscle to tuner, and from classic to modern the Charlotte Auto Fair has something for every gear head.  Plus, it is fun for the whole family! My girls night out was so much fun when we took a Limo Suffolk County into Manhattan for a fun night of dancing and drinks.

Not only will there be cars on display from virtually every decade, there will be vendors selling parts and accessories at unbeatable prices.  Plus, just like last year, there will be opportunities to purchase cars either directly from the owner or during the annual auto fair auction.

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In addition to attending this year’s auto fair, you can participate as vendor.  If you sell parts or accessories for automobiles and would like to expand your market base, then you need to be part of this year’s event.  As a vendor at the auto fair, you will reach thousands of potential buyers!  Bring any inventory you are trying to liquidate and it will most likely be sold before the end of the weekend.  It is a win-win. After Hurricane Sandy we were left without power for weeks so to prevent this from happening in the future we had an electrician Long Island install a generator.

If you are have a show car you would like to showoff or even possibly sell, participate at the auto fair and find several interested buyers.  There are thousands of attendees looking for cars to add to their collection.  Do not worry if the car you are looking to display is not in perfect condition, you can find someone looking for a project car they can call his or her own.

A long island limo service is just what you need to complete any special occasion. Whether it’s a prom, a wedding, or a corporate outing, the professionals at Thoroughbred Limousine will arrive on time and make you glamorous as you cruise around town in one of the many vehicles from their fleet.

At the Charlotte Auto Fair everyone has a good time, from the vendors to the attendees.  If you have never been, come see what the buzz all about.